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Mitt Romey to Fred Thompson: “Freddie Come Lately”

November 3, 2007

Edwards.  Romney.  Thompson.

All filed for the NH Primary on the same day.  I missed Edwards, but got to see a Romney Rally outside the State Library .  A good turnout, I would say maybe 200 people.  Tightly organized staff.  The had the visuals well set up.  Sixty to seventy people behind the Governor (yours truly counted) and lots of signs for them to hold.

When he was done speaking, I was the 1st person outside of the rope line to shake his hand.  “Good luck Governor”, a quick “thank you” and a fast paced walk to the State House to file the paperwork.

I walked with Governor Romney, his wife (who Mitt clearly loves, it was endearing), Senator Gregg,  scorps, and an assortment of supporters.  Where to?  2nd floor of the State House, to Bill Gardner’s office.

Too many press to get good pics, but I got this one on the way out.

One good piece of dirt: take it for what it is worth.

I overheard a Romney staffer talking about …. ahhh, never mind.   It was basically some of these handicapped people who support medical marijuana are faking it, as their legs look “too strong”.  Maybe just a throwaway line, an afterthought.  I looked at Clayton Holton, photos and the linked video.  I must say he looks rather frail.  I don’t get the sense he is faking it.   However, he is affiliated (I think) with Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana.  I have seen these folks at Clinton, Paul and Huckabee events.  I think they are a bit tricky in how they approach the candidates.  If any readers have a story, drop a comment.

I will write about Fred 08 later.