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Obama: Fired up, ready to go.

December 20, 2007

Getting close to Primary Day. I drove to the Radisson in Manchester to see Senator Obama speak. Every group was there-global warming, NH Healthcare and NH Priorities. Saw a rep from the Sierra Club there too.

One year ago I saw Obama speak in the same place, the Armory at the Radission. It was the NHDP fundraiser with 1,500 attendees. The Senator spoke for a bit and literally signed autographs and posed for photos with every single person who requested it. I waited til the room was almost empty to see if he would do it. That, for me, made it clear he was going to be a 2008 candidate.

Fast forward to December 19, 2007: Obama is on an upswing in the early states, people in Manchester are bragging about the Oprah visit and Senator Obama is still drawing huge crowds. He spoke for about 45 minutes, took a few questions, and signed autographs (got one!). Access is much tighter than it was last December. There were plenty of Secret Service and a metal gate kept the unwashed masses away from the Senator.

What did he talk about? Specifics-which seemed different than other times I have seen him speak. The event last night was the 3rd time I have seen him as an official 2008 candidate. Listening to him, you cannot help being motivated. This man could really be President! I love all the cadidates, but I think Obama is got my vote last night. Doesn’t mean I still won’t window shop the other candidates though.

I also met David Broder, a syndicated columnist. Class act, good writer.

See you on the campaign trail as the last 19 days heat up.


Barack Obama won’t pose for a photo with voters

July 15, 2007

A three hour drive-From Cape Cod, Mass. to Laconia NH. I left at 445 in the morning, I was the first person there. Was it worth it? I am not sure. Senator Obama is a powerful speaker, inspirational and truly someone who is not tainted by the Blue vs. Red wars of the the 1990’s and 2000’s. He can certainly drum up a crowd … He gave a stump speech, emphasizing … ummm … I forget what he emphasized. It was almost two weeks ago. I do know he spoke more about what he wanted to do, than about his resume. That is fine. We are (typically) a forward looking nation and he does not have as deep a resume as Bill Richardson or Hillary Clinton (or Chris Dodd or Joe Biden or John Edwards or even Dennis Kucinich). He is clearly the ‘new thing’ in the Democratic Party. However, last election cycle, Joe Lieberman and Howard Dean were leading the polls right about now, and look what happened to them.

After speaking, everyone wants to shake hands, get a photo or get an autograph, right? The New Hampshire Primary is all about access to the candidates. Retail politicking at its best. THIS was a first-Obama would not pose for photos with people or sign autographs. He apologized and said he could do “candids”. Even Hillary Clinton-a former First Lady, poses for photos! I wonder why he would not. Is this a new campaign policy? In his defense, he did take a few photos with little kids and he did give kids his autograph. His campaign staff also collected books and magazines if people wanted his autograph … staffers indicating he would sign it while he met with some local politicals.

Kind of elitist if you ask me. I know a front loaded primary calendar makes it hectic, but why the lack of access, especially in New Hampshire?