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Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich

October 16, 2007

Now, how much of a chance do these guys have? Are they tilting at windmills? Either way, they definitely add flavor to the debates. I drove to Hollis NH, to the Alpine Grove Banquet Facility. All candidates were invited to this event, but Gravel and Kucinich signed on.

The event? A meeting put on by NH Association for Independent Voters. I have to be honest. I bailed after meeting Senator Gravel-got the photo and the autograph and I was out of there. Ideally, I would have stayed for an afternoon of exposure to new ideas and so forth, but I wanted to get home. Therefore, yours truly cannot provide a synopsis. The Nashua Telegraph has a nice writeup here. I must say the people who are part of NH CIV could not have been any nicer. I also must say the Kucinich groupies are a bunch of moonbats. Kucinich was late, and I could not be bothered.

Two words you will never see together: Kucinich Administration