Red Arrow Diner and Bill Richardson

What a blast from the past. Retro. Tiny. Cozy. Cheap Eats. A line out the door. I wonder if it is like that all the time. One thing about people in New Hampshire-they sure are friendly. It was easy to strike up conversation with people in line with me. Topic? The primary. One woman I spoke with surprised me. She said she didn’t like ANYONE running. Biggest field in a lifetime, and no one met her standards. Oh well. Maybe Al Gore will run. Fred is getting in this week, maybe she likes him. I should have asked.

Governor Richardson arrived and worked his way through the diner. Very down to earth, very good at retail politics. He stopped to say hello to every patron. He made an exceptionally short speech-literally saying he supports NH First in the Nation status, and hey, doesn’t he deserve a look-see?

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