Giuliani in Manchester- Taxes, Health Insurance, Socialism! Oh My!

America’s mayor spoke about one of his 12 Commitments, cutting taxes. Mayor Giuliani was soft spoken, but well spoken. For some time, he focused on reforming health insurance and making it more affordable for the common person. He made the analogy that competition drives down price-anything from selling iPhones, to TV’s to automobiles. He would support a large tax deduction for people buying their own health insurance. Ideally, with all these people in the market for health insurance, it would drive prices down. Or would it? Answering that is beyond my pay grade. However, would it provide coverage for all? From what I have read, the United States is one of the last industrialized nations on earth to have private health insurance. Maybe that is a good thing-people are motivated by incentives.

Mayor Giuliani also hammered away at the ‘socialism’ of the Edwards plan and the Clinton plan. Here is my question- is health care a human right-should Americans expect universal coverage or is health care a commodity to be purchased?

Mayor Giuliani also spoke at length at how cutting taxes stimulates economic growth and had a cluster of folks of folks on stage who spoke about how the Bush tax cuts have helped them over the past 6 years.

The event was moderated by Paul Cellucci, a Rudy supporter and donator. Cellucci was governor of Massachusetts from 1997 to 2001. Former Presidential contender Steve Forbes also spoke-he is also the Co-Chair for the Giuliani 2008 campaign.

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