John Edwards- More Clinton than Hillary.

I like Edwards. I like McCain. I like Senator Clinton. However, I LOVE the New Hampshire Primary. Senator Edwards was in NH for three days and I got to see him in Londonderry. What a great speaker. It is too bad Obama and Clinton are sucking all the oxygen out of the primary right now.

In 1998, serial campaign loser Bob Shrum told some of his colleagues that Edwards had the potential to be president. Maybe 2008 is his year (Edwards, not Shrum-he has supposedly retired from consulting).

Edwards gave a 20 minute stump speech that was thoughtful, funny and very populist. He seems to be running much more liberal than in ’04. Good for him-maybe this is the ‘Edwards Unplugged’ or ‘Edwards 2.0’. Whatever you want to call him, he has the grasp of the issues, a focus on the middle class and he actually seems to enjoy campaigning. The Senator stayed and talked with people after the event was over, signed autographs and posed for photos. (Please note: Barack Obama will not pose for photos with individual people at campaign stops-I guess he is too busy now. Doesn’t that violate some sort of NH primary ethics?)

Senator Edwards is very Clintonesque-in the political sense, not Monica sense. Bill is already taken as the best campaign advisor, but Hillary may be ‘out Clintoned’ by John Edwards- his personality, his populism and his grasp of the issues are very much reminiscent of 42.

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