Senator Edwards-why is Bill Richardson beating you in New Hampshire?

How did Richardson pull ahead to the ‘top tier’ of candidates in NH? Granted, Richardson is certainly qualified. Maybe it was face time with Granite Staters. Since January, Richardson has made 44 visits to NH, recently beating out Edwards. Richardson has pulled ahead to 11% and Edwards has dropped to 9%, according to a WMUR/CNN poll.


Richardson has pulled it off while having a full time job back in New Mexico. Senator Edwards’ full time job has been campaigning all over the country. Note to the Senator: retool your campaign to spend more time in New Hampshire. You will do fine in Iowa-you have the union vote nailed down there. Come back to NH.

(PY FYI: Yes, it is only 2 poll points, and are polls really accurate? And what about being so fare away from the actual date of the primary? Maybe this is part of the Edwards strategy, hoping to ‘peak’ closer to the primary date. Uh …. sarcasm mode on)

Oh, Mitt, sorry I missed you in Exeter this past Sunday.  I will try to catch up with you this Wednesday.

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