Data mining, micro targeting: What subscriber lists would candidates like to buy?

The Boston Globe recently reported that Governor Romney bought subscriber lists from in order to better reach potential voters. Giuliani did as well. What if other candidates did the same thing? What magazines would the 17 (or 19- including Newtie and Fred) go after? Below are my serious and not so serious suggestions, based on political beliefs or that somehow the title or genre of the magazine says something about the respective candidate. If any of the campaigns want more of my advice on who to solicit, send me an email. (Note: Dems get priority.)

Dems (in no particular order)
John Edwards- The Nation
Dennis Kucinich- Utne Reader
Bill Richardson- Foreign Affairs (look at his resume)
Barack Obama- Time Magazine (middle of the road)
Hillary Clinton- Rolling Stone (baby boomers and Gen X and Y)
Mike Gravel- Mad Magazine (no disrespect to its readers!)
Chris Dodd- AARP Magazine
Joe Biden- drawing a blank here. Got a suggestion?

GOP (in no order)
Tom Tancredo-help me out
Sam Brownback-National Liberty Journal (from the Moral Majority)
Ron Paul- The Freeman
Mitt Romney-The Weekly Standard
Rudy Giuliani-Cigar Aficianado
Tommy Thompson- help me out
Mike Huckabee-Weight Watchers
Fred Thompson-Variety Magazine
John McCain-Soldier of Fortune

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One Comment on “Data mining, micro targeting: What subscriber lists would candidates like to buy?”

  1. readytoblowagasket Says:

    Just found your site, and I have to take a moment to tell you this list is hysterical. Thanks!

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