Bill and Hillary in Manchester

OK, I am biased. I have always been a huge fan of Bill Clinton. Note: I voted for Jerry Brown in the 1992 primaries and even sent him money, but I think it was more for the counterculture aspect of things. You know … challenge authority. Yesterday, both Clintons returned to New Hampshire. My wife, usually apolitical, was almost as excited as I. We drove up to Manchester and arrived at the entrance gate 3 hours before the rally. Nothing like first in line! Within 1 hour, quite a line had formed-young people, retirees, kids, those who looked like they just left work-quite a wide range of the voting population. We were literally front row. Quick introduction by Governor Lynch and former President Clinton spoke for about 10 minutes. Every book on Clinton, whether fawning adoration or part of the vast right wing conspiracy, will attest to Bill Clinton’s ability to connect with voters. Yesterday was no different. What a great speaker. He said that Hillary was the most qualified candidate for the Oval Office that he had seen in 40 years-and he would say that even if he was not married to her. He also emphasized that the current Democratic field was highly qualified (even Mike Gravel?), but Hillary is the best candidate out of the bunch.

Now, he cannot run for a 3rd term, and he cannot (or should not) steal the show from Hillary. He sat down, did his best Pat Nixon-nodding in approval and clapping and looking at Hillary as she spoke. Having seen Hillary 2 times earlier, this was BY FAR the best stump speech she has given-her humor, the pitch of her voice, her ability to motivate a crowd … wow. If the Senator can hold on to her lead in the polls, it looks like we will have a First Husband in the White House.

If you are reading this blog, you probably like politics as much as I do. OK, maybe almost as much. Post a comment or feedback or song lyrics, whatever you feel like.

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