July 4th on the campaign trail

New Hampshire is great. Note to the National Democratic Party: Don’t mess with the First in the Nation primary status. Where else will you find candidates doing retail politicking? First off was the Merrimack Rotary Club breakfast. I paid my $6, grabbed some good food and met Duncan Hunter (R). Very nice guy, but most people that I spoke with at the breakfast had no idea who he was. Maybe he needs more face time in the Granite State. According to a WMUR/UNH poll in mid June, ‘No Opinion’ beat Hunter in the polls, 8% to 0%. I wonder if ‘No Opinion’ has one of those “I’m a Healthcare Voter” stickers to wear.

Then it was on to the Amherst NH Parade.  The theme this year was the NH Primary.  The ‘rcok stars’ of the Dems, Clinton and Obama had the largest group of staffers and volunteers, with Edwards and Dodd right behind.   The Biden group seemed the smallest, but they won bonus points for having a dog with a Biden for President shirt on.

On the Republican side, Tancredo gets props for having a HUGE truck, almost one of those you see in the commercials for the Monster Truck Mash (ummm, ok, maybe not-it was just a big truck).  The Giuliani camp had a Segway, a sweet looking vette and a small group of parade walkers. McCain, the best Republican IMO, had a small group of staffers and volunteers.  Question to anyone who wants to answer: Why does the GOP beat on McCain so badly? The Romney crew had a good turnout as well, but I got the sense they were all paid staffers and NO volunteers.  Just a feeling, no hard evidence there.

If you were there, or follow the NH Primary or want to comment, please do!  Tell me what you think!

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